4 – Customisation and theme options

4 – Customisation and theme options

Finally we get on to the fun stuff: making your website your own. In this section we will run through some simple aspects of site customisation that will help you to make your site stand out from the rest.

We have chosen Zerif Lite as the theme to go with for this demonstration because it is clean and simple, it comes highly recommended and it is a great favourite. It’s a great theme for a beginner. You also have the option for a long scroll front page/landing page if you like that kind of thing – and it sure is popular right now.

I you like it you can also go pro with the Zerif theme to unlock some more cool theme options.

OK, let ‘s get cracking…

From the Dashboard click on ‘Appearance ‘ and then ‘Customisation’ in the left-had side bar. Or you will see a big blue ‘Customise Your Site’ button.

The ‘Customisation’ Screen that will appear offers you your customisation options in a panel on the left and on the right a preview of your live website so that you can see how your customisations look as you go.

Options vary from theme to theme. Some offer more in terms of colour schemes, typography, front page options and functions etc. but the basics, such as uploading background and header images, logos and site icon, are generally pretty similar.

What we are going to be covering here is the site identity and general options.


Site Identity

This area is highlighted in pink in the screen shot. Here you upload your logo and your site icon (also know as touch icon, shortcut icon) that is the small image associated with your site.

Also type your site title and tagline into the fields provided.

General options

Amongst the options here, highlighted in yellow, you can edit the site copyright statement which you should keep up to date and should look something like this and  ©2017 Your Shiny New Website.

Next you can edit your footer social icons and general footer contact information by simply filling out the fields.


Zerif Lite Feature Front Page

The options in the left hand panel highlighted in blue all relate to your Feature Front Page, should you choose to have one. To ensure that the feature front page is enabled in Zerif Lite opt for ‘Your latest posts’ from the front page options highlighted in green.

If you do not want this as your front page, opt for a Static Front Page, highlighted in green, and you will be asked to select a Front Page (from pages that you have created)and a Posts Page, which will provide the front page for your website’s blog.

Your Front Page options include a Big Title section with hero image and call to action buttons, and About Us section, Team and Testimonial sections, Latest News which will highlight your most recent blog posts and a contact section.

To configure your Front Page work through the sections in blue, disabling the ones that you do not require, and checking out the results in the preview panel on the right.

We are not going to go through every detail of every option here but instead direct you to a great tutorial on the theme options and how to configure the feature front page from the makers of Zerif Lite.

You see, we couldn’t really put it better ourselves.


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