1 – Launch your website

1 – Launch your website!

You’ve made it! You’ve got this far and you’ve built a functioning website. Well done.

Of course there is more to creating a good website than just the initial build and it will take time and plenty of tweaking to get it to how you really want it – but that’s the fun bit.

There are 1,000s of ‘Plugins’ available that will add extra functions and features to your website. These are purpose built software extensions, some premium and some free, that increase the functionality of your WordPress site such as: image optimisation, SEO optimistation, contact forms, social media integration, photo galleries and sliders, online shops, short code generators… the list is all most endless.

To search for and install plugins just click on ‘Plugins’ in the left hand sidebar of your WordPress dashboard and start exploring the ways in which you can extend your site.

One word of warning: sometimes less really is more. 

Some of the best websites out there are the simplest. Don’t feel that you should add lots of whiz bang and bells and whistles to your site just because you can. Keep it clean and simple and when choosing a plugin for your site check out the number of installs it’s had and the user ratings before you go ahead.

Remember to keep your plugins regularly updated. And when installing and updating plugins always give your site the once over to make sure everything is working as it should be. If it’s not you may have a plugin that is conflicting with your theme or with another plugin. The more plugins you have the greater the risk of conflicts… as we said: sometimes less is more.

For more info on this check out this article on choosing and using plugins for your WordPress website.

Congratulations on your new website and good luck!


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