6 – Installing your theme

6 – Installing your theme

The first thing that you will want to do when you get your confirmation email from SiteGround is to check out your shiny new site.

Be prepared for your site to look pretty plain in its pre-customised state. Don’t worry we will get on to customisation later in the countdown to launch.

Your site will be displaying the current default WordPress theme Twenty Sixteen. And you may want to go ahead and stick with this theme as it comes with plenty of customisation options, some nice default colour schemes, and, most importantly, a mobile-first approach. If this is the case skip to the #5 in the countdown: General Settings

If you would prefer to install a different theme, here’s how:

1. Log-in to your WordPress site

If you are not currently logged in already and need a reminder… just type the following into your browser address field:

“your new url/”


You will go straight the the WordPress login screen. Type in your username and password.


2. Welcome to the WordPress dashboard!

Once you are logged in you will be taken to your WordPress Dashboard where all the good stuff happens, honest. It really does.

This is the CMS – content management system. In the left hand side bar you will see all the options you need for customisation and publication of content on your website. Have a look around!



Logged-in Dashboard view

Logged-in Dashboard view

Logged-in Live Site view

Logged-in Live Site view

3. Switch theme

If you have decided to explore other themes for your site follow these steps:

From the Dashboard look down the left hand sidebar go to:



On the right you will see the current ‘Active’ theme, in this case Twenty Sixteen, and also all installed but inactive themes (these will include recent WordPress default themes and any others that you install from now on).

You can preview or activate these simply by hovering over the screen shots and selecting ‘Live Preview’ or ‘Activate’.

To search for and install new themes click on ‘Add New’


Here you can browse 1000s of free themes by most popular, most recent and the latest featured theme. Or you you can use the Feature Filter function as illustrated here. Note that we have selected ‘Responsive’ layout to ensure that the theme will display and function well across all devices.

Alternatively you can search by keyword, or, if you have already researched it and you know the theme you want, you can type the name into the search box at the top right corner.


Install and activate the theme:

For this example we have selected Zerif Lite. Once you have identified the theme that you would like to use click the ‘Install’ button followed by the ‘Activate’ button. From the same screen you are immediately given the option to ‘Customise’… another little blue button.



If you have the budget and you want to invest in a pro theme, which may offer more functions and options as well as customer support.


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5 - General Settings