How to make a responsive website for
your business with WordPress

A 10 step guide to launching
your WordPress website
in under an hour…


Welcome to our 10 Step Countdown to launching your own WordPress website.

If you are an absolute beginner or relatively new to making websites, this is the guide for you. We are going to walk you through every step of the process from buying a domain and hosting to publishing your first post. Here are the steps that we will cover with you:

10 Domain & hosting

Who, what and why? Advice on choosing your domain registration and hosting company.

9 Hosting purchase & set-up

A super-simple 3-step process with a company that offers value for money, speed, security and great customer support.

8 Installing Wordpress

1-click WordPress installation with Siteground.

7 Which theme?

Advice on choosing the best theme – free or premium – that fits the purpose of your website.

6 Installing your theme

Previewing and installing WordPress themes.

5 General Settings

A quick look at the basic configuration of your site including site identity, reading and discussion settings.

4 Customisation

Customisation and theme options – including static front page, logos, headers, backgrounds etc…

3 Publishing content

Publishing posts and pages with images. Using categories and tags.

2 Navigation

Setting-up your navigation and menus to organise your content for the best user experience.

1 Launch

Launching your website.

But first let’s talk about WordPress  >>>

Why WordPress?